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Scenes From An Office Floor

It's not very exciting. Scrolling through my Instagram pictures look like a theme & variations narrative without any variation. In trying to re-launch the site, I was hoping for a couple of mainstay events that I attend to pull me into a good social media habit. But current situations have thrown an unwanted adjunct into the mash.

We all have been coping with same issue: how to keep up with new beer and brewery releases in a time where you can't be anywhere. The stop gap has been for the expanded delivery of beer to the public, whether it has been directly or by shipping. The later has been the delivery method of choice for me, because of my off-the-beaten-trail zip code and I will say it has worked out fairly well. I have had a variety of beer from through out the state and it's probably been fresher than I would be able to find in my local beer shops. It's not a knock on them, but most breweries are shipping out brews right off the canning line, and I have been at the front of the line for all of them (and TWICE I have been the very first one!).

The downside to all of this is that once these packages get delivered, its usually a dozen or so cans and bottles, it comes while I am at work and when I get home, I want to get things out as quick as possible. Instagram Rule #1 is variety is the spice of life, but there are only so many places in my office or even around my house that are conducive to a decent picture. Showing the beer, packaging, and any related swag has limited my picture taking to a quick curated look from the carpet of my office, trying not to get too much of my other hobbies in there as well. Single can shots have been few and far between, but most of the time I'm opening them up at Zoom happy hours and are trying to engage in thrilling conversations.

And now that things are 'opening' up, it actually seems even a harder prospect to grab good content. The one huge elephant in the room for all of this is, well, the amount of beer in room. With shipment number 11 coming this week, not counting the pick-ups along the way, I'm kinda at capacity in my mini-fridge. And before I want to get some more, I need to work through what I have. But that might actually be a blessing in disguise.

This article was intended to be a social dissertation about Phase I and breweries in Virginia, but with only 2 weekends in the books, it is a little early to get my thoughts on it yet. But the tl;dr of it is that it's probably not time for ME personally to get back out there, so the current 2020 status quo will have to do for now. But what I can do is hopefully take some more exciting pictures of beer from around the house and when I can sneak out for a little while.

Until all of this is over, please forgive my feeble attempts to keep things rolling along. But more importantly, keep supporting your local breweries however you can.

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