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One Year In

I wish there was a better start to this, but this is all I got at the moment. A year ago, I was sitting around doing site design and logo work hoping to get ready to kick off a great spring of beer tours, articles, and pictures, and then *thud*. Minus the occasional delivery and pickups now, there has been not a ton of motivation to do a ton. It's not that my love of Virginia and craft beer has changed, it's just one of those 'too many things are out of my control to count' things. And now that there is a path to get things back to a semblance of normal, more roadblocks get thrown down. But we push through and do what we can.

Since I last pinned, not much has changed. We have an amazing group of people that get together from all over the US and Canada to chat every week about beer, but I think most of us now use it to keep in touch about anything and everything. We still send beer to each other, and while it is beyond awesome, I get so much that I would like to make more room for local beer. In fact, while most people think the lack of frequency of Instagram Posts is from not getting out, it's more due to the fact that most of my beer now is not from Virginia. I know, I know, it's a completely first world problem to have, but trying to work in 'The Commonwealth's Finest' into a weekly rotation is harder now then when the pandemic started.


As far as time to get back to writing, well, you can see it's been a struggle as well. How much so? The two paragraphs above were written a month ago. I'm now just scratching out some time to finish this up and talk about a slightly more upbeat outlook. First, I'm halfway into the shot routine. While the roll out in Virginia was poor at best, those diligent have been able to squeeze in the first appointment. It begs the question that those less fortunate that rely on the state to help them, are they being left behind? But outside of the politics, there is a renewed outlook on going out. I can see that hopefully by the end of the month, we can frequent some more locations and get back into the swing of things.

I'm also doing something I should have done a long time ago: I bought a light box. If you have been following the start to this newish endeavor, taking pictures around my office has had about 3 flavors: computer desk, steamer trunk, and Christmas tree around the holidays. While it won't solve all the issues, it will bring a little more professionalism to the posts. Who knows how long it will last, but being able to find beer and bring home to enjoy will now not just be a half empty glass of beer saying 'Good'.

Well that's about it for the updates. There are a lot more topics I want to bring up, but I'll develop them and send them out later. Thanks to those who have stuck around and I hope to see yall out and about soon!

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