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One Beer Forward, Two Brews Back

I really wish there was more to talk about these days. When the highlight of June was being able to get a haircut, there just isn't a lot of material to work with. And now we are about to step into July with the Commonwealth 'moving forward' and it still doesn't feel like it.

A lot of what I do is about experiences with Virginia beer, and most of that has come from shipments to the house now supplemented slightly by some grocery runs...which have also been delivered to the house. While the beer has been amazing, the setting has been getting stale. I did take some more interesting pictures of some of the recent arrivals but they're still all around the abode. Wanting to head out to places and have some beers still seems like a thing months away, not because I can't do it, but because the process still feels off. And now with restaurants and breweries able to open up 'fully' starting next week, it still just doesn't seem like the time.

We have been passing the time with other beer writers over Zoom, and that twice a week experience has really been great. We've started beer exchanges and have already gotten a great shipment from Hell's Kitchen NYC, which has been awesome. I've even pulled out some reserve bottles to thank these amazing people for hanging with us. We keep asking if they want to keep on doing it and this week will be the 15th week of 'absolutely'.

Normally I would be prepping a month out for the Beer Now Conference, which WOULD have been the first full week of August, but as of today, that is not going to happen. While we are gonna miss out on hanging out in person with these guys, I understand why it will not be going on. What is chewing my backside with this has been timing. A lot of people called events back when this started and while I would have been disappointed, I wouldn't have been frustrated. The tentative 'we should be on' we got over a month ago when other things were shuttering down was a wavering endorsement that was relying on the participants to commit rather than the conference itself. It should not have taken us to point out that the situation was not improving for them to come out with a statement that it was going to be cancelled. And side not: moved is still cancelled. Hotel, flights, and vacation time get spent and some of it we can't get back. TBD on the future of that.

Hopefully in a few weeks, things will get better and I'll have something more to talk about, but til then, keep helping out your local breweries however you can.

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